EDTECH Definition Graphic

For this project, I was asked to reflect on the current definition of educational technology and use my technology skills to create a unique graphic that represents the educational technology definition.

Using Lucidchart Diagrams, I created a graphic to represent the definition of educational technology. The outside of the graphic represents the two principles of educational technology (study and reflective practice). The center of the graphic represents the primary goal which is to facilitate learning and improve performance. All the circles surrounding the primary goal, develop the methods used to attain the goal of facilitating learning and improve performance.



For this project, I was asked to create one entrance (or exit) ticket, one midterm formative assessment, and one summative assessment.  The purpose of this project is to evaluate students using online educational tools.  I choose to use my unit “Explorers and Fur Traders” for this project.

Entrance Ticket (KWL)- I am using Padlet to create a KWL for students to complete as an entry ticket.  The students will complete the K and the W before reviewing the unit. The L will be finalized after the unit ends.  This activity will be used to engage students in the new topic and activate their prior knowledge.  Here is the link to the Padlet activity:

Midterm- I used Poll Everywhere to create a survey.  This unit has two lessons and students will complete the survey after lesson one.  Here is the link to the survey for Explorers and Fur Traders.

Summative Assessment- First, return to the Padlet page and complete the L “What I Learned.”  Next, complete the end of unit Quiz.

School Evaluation Summary

As part of the EDTECH 501 course, I was asked to complete an activity that required an evaluation summary of my school using the Maturity Model Benchmarks Rubric. I also completed the Maturity Model Benchmark Survey Sheet. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze, and evaluate my school on their technology availability and practices using the following stages:

The Emergent Stage
The Islands Stage
The Integrated Stage
The Intelligent Stage

The five key areas I examined are Administrative, Curricular, Support, Connectivity, and Innovation. Each section is an essential component in achieving high levels of technological development.


I did my evaluation about the school I currently work at, and it is an online charter school. This project allowed me to see areas of strength and areas for improvement. Since this school is entirely online, technology is a vital part of the daily activities. All our students and staff receive a laptop computer. The curriculum is also entirely online. Therefore, technology access is an essential part of students instruction. This school would not exist without the use of technology in all areas of our school. Overall I rated this school in the top stage of “Intelligent.”

School Evaluation

Maturity Benchmarks Survey Sheet

School Evaluation Summary

The Paperless Classroom

For this project, I was asked to pick a unit of instruction and revise the curriculum to include elements of Blended Learning.  The purpose of this project is to gain an understanding of the components and differences between types of online learning and understand how to design and implement an online unit.

I used a previous history unit “Moving West” and shifted it to a Blended Learning format. Students will use this unit to create a portfolio that will showcase their work using Google Drive. They will create a folder in Google Drive and share it with their teacher for editing, monitoring, and grading purposes.  All their work will be completed using a form of Google Drive, and it will be saved to their individual folder.  I think it’s critical for students to learn how to create portfolios since it is typically required in the upper-grade levels.

Click on the image below to view the lesson.

Preschool Ponderings: Google Drive Student Portfolios:

The Online Curriculum

For this project, I was asked to create and evaluate a Digital Learning Experience. The purpose of this project was to gain a better understanding of educational technology resources and strategies.

Click the “Wikispaces” picture, below, to see “Instructional Uses of Wikispaces” that I found helpful.   This link also provides examples of how teachers have used Wikispaces.


I enjoyed building this unit for my students, and I will use it in my classroom. For me, it wasn’t just about the unit, but also about the tool I used to create the unit. This project was my first encounter with Wikispaces, and I enjoyed the experience.  I was not aware of this platform before creating this project. Wikispaces are incredibly easy to use.  I also like it supports project-based learning and teachers can quickly view their student’s progress.

The Scientific Method Unit

Tech Trends

Adaptive Learning relates to both a concept and a tool.   Numerous companies offer excellent platforms for Adaptive Learning Technologies.  This concept provides individualized instruction on a large scale.  Students can learn anytime, anywhere and independently.  From my research students feel more confident, successful and independent when using Adaptive Learning Technologies.  I believe this concept promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all ages. Click the graphic below to view the Google Slide presentation for more information on Adaptive Learning.

Click the graphic below to view my Google Slide presentation for more information about Adaptive Learning Technologies.


Digital Teaching Tool Lesson


Digital Teaching Tool Lesson

For this project, I was asked to contribute a digital teaching tool in each of the following categories, images, audio, video, web2.0, finding information, studying information, and assessment. After contributing to each of these categories, I was required to create a Digital Teaching Tool Lesson of my own.  I picked the history lesson “Explorers and Fur Traders” to transform into a digital design for my students.  This project opened my eyes to many helpful teaching tools.  I enjoyed looking at new ideas and determining what would work best for my classroom and lesson plan.

Click the image to view my lesson:

Browser, Web, Www, Computer, Google Chrome

Image from – pixabay.com